SEO Code of Ethics

Ontarios, staff and associates voluntarily adhere to the following SEO Code of Ethics: 

We will not intentionally do harm to any client by utilizing methods or technologies that are known to jeopardize a site by having it removed from the search engine indexes or rendered inoperative.

We will not make use of any practices which intentionally violate the rules of the search engines. When these rules are changed, we will swiftly implement any changes required in order to keep our client sites legal. If we are unsure of any rules, we will make certain of all the required facts before making any possibly damaging changes to the client site.

We will ensure that no site will use information that can be construed as offensive or intentionally misleading to consumers.

We will strictly adhere to any legality that will have bearing on the work we do on or relating to client sites including but not limited to copyright, trademark and spamming laws at local, national or international level.

We will not falsely represent the content of a client site except in cases where specific needs are required by the browser (such as but not limited to regional factors, language preferences, etc.). A request for a specific URL should always bring up the same webpage.

We will not be guilty of plagiarizing either by falsely claiming work from others as our own, or by copying-and-pasting information from other sites or in any way using others’ work verbatim without their explicit consent.

We will not misrepresent ourselves, our training and experience, our company’s performance history, resources, or client base in any way.

We will not set our client’s expectations unreasonably high by making guarantees that are outside of our reasonable sphere of influence, or by implying or stating explicitly that positive results can be achieved within an unrealistic time frame, or by making any other false claims or promises.

We will avoid situations where we are involved in a conflict of interests between clients where we may be in a position were promoting one client over another could result in personal gain. On the rare occasion that we do take on clients who are competing for the same keywords we will not falsely make blanket promises to them regarding the positions we aim to achieve for them on the search engine results pages, but will discuss each client site and venture on its own merit.

Ontarios use only ethical SEO/ SEM methods. Our products use only ethical search engine optimization (SEO) methods.

Search Engine Ethics

Ontarios works with only ethical procedures and the industries best practices. We keep your site safe and meet all the search engines guidelines. We never use controversial methods of ranking sites.

We use only ethical SEO techniques that will not get your website banned or blacklisted. We do not create doorway pages or use any illegal search engine practices to achieve High ranking.

Ontarios will never put your site in jeopardy. Our search engine optimization procedures are Search Engine Safe!

  • No SEO practitioner will intentionally do harm to a client.
  • No SEO practitioner will intentionally violate any specifically published and enforced rules of search engines or directories.
  • No SEO practitioner will intentionally mislead, harm, or offend a consumer
  • No SEO practitioner will intentionally violate any laws.
  • No SEO practitioner will falsely represent the content of the client site.
  • No SEO practitioner will falsely represent others work as their own
  • No SEO practitioner will misrepresent their own abilities, education, and training, standards of performance, certifications, trade group affiliations, technical inventory, or experiences to others.
  • No SEO practitioner will participate in a conflict of interest without prior notice to all parties involved
  • No SEO practitioner will set unreasonable client expectations.
  • All SEO practitioners will offer their clients both internal and external dispute resolution procedures.
  • All SEO practitioners will protect the confidentiality and anonymity of their clients with regards to privileged information and items implying testimonial support for the SEO practitioner.
  • All SEO practitioners will work to their best ability to increase or retain the rankings of client sites.

Do Not Use any of these methods

  • Automatically generated doorway pages
  • Misspelling of well-known web sites
  • Unrelated and centralized link farms
  • Other methods that try to trick search engines
  • Cloaking and false redirects
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Hidden text or hidden links
  • Pages loaded with irrelevant words
  • Duplicated content on multiple pages

We Do Not Use

Some search engine optimization companies and software developers use unethical tricks and techniques to artificially boost the search engine rankings of a web site.

This dilutes the quality of search results and the accuracy of search results becomes questionable. For this reason, the search engines are continuously trying to trace out the spam techniques which webmasters might be using and penalize or ban them.

They continue to reconstruct their algorithms to prevent spammers from flooding the results page with irrelevant or low-quality content. If you use a web site promotion tool that uses these unethical tricks and techniques, you’ll put your web business at severe risk,

You might get short term results with these techniques but it’s very likely that your site will be banned from search engines if you use one of these techniques. You’ll put your web business at severe risk if you use one of these methods.

We will treat all clients equally, and in order to give each client sufficient time and energy, we will refrain from taking on an unreasonable number of clients at any one time.

We will at all times do everything within our power and within the parameters of the law and the search engines’ rules to fulfill our mandate to improve and retain the client placement/rankings on the search engine results pages.


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